3-Day Educational Tutorial

Hand Rehabilitation Foundation is proud to offer a 3-day educational tutorial at the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center.  Tutorial participants will shadow the surgeons and therapists in the office, in surgery and in therapy.  Supplementing the 3-day observation are structured learning opportunities including hands-on labs, didactic sessions and splint fabrication. Participants can select from a menu of topics based on their needs and interests.

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Menu of Topics


  • Rehabilitation following flexor/extensor tendon repairs
  • Wrist Rehabilitation – selected topics
  • Rehabilitation for finger fractures
  • Rehabilitation for elbow fractures
  • Wound healing and management
  • Rehabilitation and splinting for small joint arthroplasty


  • Static wrist/thumb splints
  • Sugar tong/munster splints
  • Contracture correction splints: wrist
  • Contracture correction splints: elbow
  • Contracture correction splints: fingers
  • Contracture correction splints: forearm
  • Peripheral nerve injury splints: radial nerve palsy
  • Peripheral nerve injury splints: ulnar nerve palsy
  • Peripheral nerve injury splints: median nerve palsy
  • Specialized wrist splints (mid-carpal stabilization splints; scaphoid mobilization splints)
  • Other (please specify and we will accommodate if possible)


  • Clinical exam of the wrist
  • Clinical exam of the elbow
  • Clinical exam of the hand
  • Clinical exam of the shoulder
  • Manual edema mobilization
  • Neural tension testing and nerve gliding

Schedule (Subject to change based on Physician availability)

Day Date Physician Location
Monday 1/20/20 Therapy CC
Tuesday 1/21/20 ALO Methodist
Wednesday 1/22/20 ALO CC-Office
Monday 2/17/20 Therapy CC
Tuesday 2/18/20 ALO Methodist
Wednesday 2/19/20 ALO CC-Office
Monday 4/20/20 Therapy CC
Tuesday 4/21/20 ALO Methodist
Wednesday 4/22/20 ALO CC – Office
Monday 5/11/20  Therapy  CC
Tuesday 5/12/20 ALO Methodist
Wednesday 5/13/20 ALO CC-Office
Monday 6/15/20  Therapy  CC
Tuesday 6/16/20 ALO Methodist
Wednesday 6/17/20 ALO CC-Office