Medical Missions

Earlier this year, Dr. Randy Culp, through the Health Volunteer Overseas (HVO) organization, led a team of Philadelphia Hand Center fellows, assistants, medical students, and hand therapists on a medical mission trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Dr. Culp, a member of HVO since 2008, has for the last several years, focused his efforts on the hand surgery program at Hospital Escuela. He and his team spent a week at the hospital to screen and perform surgeries for hundreds of patients. The team members from The Philadelphia Hand Center, PC worked closely with Honduran surgeons and medical personnel, and provided a learning opportunity for Honduran surgeons and therapists in various aspects of the pre-operative, operative and post-operative management for the patients seen. The learning and collaboration that Dr. Culp has fostered among students and professionals across cultures has earned him an honorary professorship at the Hospital Escuela, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, as well as recognition from HVO with a Golden Apple award for 2013. Dr. Culp has secured donations of medical supplies and equipment and he has helped to raise funds to support the participation of the team members of the annual mission trip.

If you would like to support Dr. Culp and his team¬† with their ongoing medical mission to Honduras, click on the ‘gifts and giving’¬†tab at the top of this page.

(Coming soon: Videos of Dr. Culp’s latest mission to Honduras!)